Karina Toriz

Songwriter. Singer.
Everything in between.

Hey everyone!! Thanks for visiting my website. I am very excited to announce that I am going on tour this August/Sept with singer/songwriter Ellex Bree. Help get us on the road by clicking here -->  http://www.gofundme.com/aRootsTour

Here's a little bit about me :]] I've been playing guitar for about 11 years now and I've been playing the piano for almost 2x that (oddly enough, guitar is definitely my forte).

Although guitar has been my main squeeze for over a decade I've only been playing live for 2-3 years. Why? Well, for the longest time I envisioned myself playing in a band. I've been in a couple, got a handful of practices in, but finding other people who are in it for the same reasons I was or with the same dedication/work ethic was really hard- so hard that it has yet to happen, One day I decided I didn't want to keep waiting for the right people to come along anymore and so I decided to do this on my own.

It was the scariest, most terrifying but fulfilling decision I have ever made in my life. And it's been pretty incredible ever since. I've been able to meet some really awesome people, play at some pretty cool places, and open for some incredible musicians/songwriters.

I love writing and playing live and I look forward to where ever music takes me. As a wise man named Tim once said, "When I've got the music I got a place to go."

See ya at the show!! x